Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blogoversary Bash: Day 6

Today is the sixth day of my Blogoversary Week! I've been blogging for three years now and to celebrate I asked some of my best book blogging buddies if they wanted to celebrate with me. Today my favorite BookTuber Lisa from Blonde Book Bee is sharing her  
Top Three Upcoming Releases of 2014

Hi Life of Karin readers! Isn’t it fantastic that Karin has been writing on this blog for three years? Congrats Karin! And thank you for asking me to celebrate it with you and the other bloggers. It would’ve been nice to celebrate it in person, but we should take a rain check until we meet again.

As you probably have seen already, Karin has asked us to compose a top three. And mine is the top three upcoming releases of 2014.


#3: Vicious by Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars #16)
The biggest reason why I’m excited for this book is because the series will finally be over *crosses fingers*. I really enjoyed the first four books, the next four were still enjoyable, but from book nine onward the series has been going downhill. You may wonder: “Why are you still reading it if you don’t like it?” Because I have the bad habit to finish every series I start. It works out most of the time since there are usually only 3-4 books, but now there are sixteen. I was tired of Pretty Little Liars, but now that book 16 will be the final one I’ve become excited for the end of this money draining pit.

GRACE HELBIG. Do I need to say more? She is a queen on the internet and because of her I realised that I like dry humour and clever puns. She also made me realize that you can fake your way out of almost everything. I need to be taught more ways to pretend to be a grown-up, because I’ll be turning 22 on October 19th and I’m as far away from being an adult as possible. Please guide me, Grace!

#1: The World of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin
One thing almost everyone knows about me is that I’m obsessed with everything Game of Thrones related. I have read all the books, some even twice, own the graphic novels, watched all the episodes a few million times etc. etc. This is not just another piece to my collection. No no no it is so much more. It’s like a history book, in a fun way, that talks about everything related to the world (the countries) in which the story is set and I can’t wait to learn even more about the history and geography and EVERYTHING! My body is ready!

Happy third blogoversary Karin!

Thank you Lisa  for sharing your top three upcoming releases of 2014 with us today. Not only is today the second-to-last day of my Blogoversary week, it is also Lisa's birthday tomorrow :) If you want to wish her a happy birthday, you can find her on Twitter.
Happy Birthday Lisa!
Sending you lots of love and a row of cupcakes! 

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