Friday, January 10, 2014

My Life...

It's January (which is the end of our semester here in Austria) and as a student I'm right in the middle of final exams and studying! I won't go into this whole "see how they put dying in studying" thing even though it's constantly on my mind.

I want to become a teacher for English and Geographie someday (soon) and this unfortunately means taking a lot of exams. There are about a thousand things I would much rather do than studying but sometimes it is just not an option.

So right now I am channeling my inner Rory Gilmore (hope I'll find her soon) and made a monthly overview of all the different exams I have during the last two weeks of January, how much I need to study for each and what I'll need to review each day. Sadly this leaves me not that much time for reading and blogging. I will try my best to write and schedule as many posts as possible for the remaining three weeks of this month so that you won't have to go without my reviews and rambly posts but there is a chance that I won't be as present as I usually am on the blog and on Twitter too.

When I'm cramming for exams I tend to divide my time betwen revising my notes and reading a book. It just helps me relax. I know that I won't stay away from Twitter or my beloved little corner of the Internet for the whole month but I need to focus on what's really important right now and so I will minimize the temptation.

I wish I could do that :)

This is just a heads-up for you guys so that if I'm not able to schedule all the posts this weekend (with studying and a family visit) you will know that I would love to be talking books with you but that unfortunately it's Janaury and I'm thinking of you.

If you see me whine on Twitter during the rest of the month please feel bad for me. No, don't! Weirdly I'm enjoying studing at the moment. Let's hope this'll last till the end of January!

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