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Murder on a Bad Hair Day
by Anne George

Murder on a Bad Hair Day is the second book in the Southern Sisters Mystery series
and I would highly recommend reading Murder on a Girl's Night Out first!

First sentences:
I tell you, Patricia Anne, I'm sick and tired of always being some man's sex slave.” Mary Alice shut the kitchen door firmly and headed for the stove. “Is this fresh coffee?”

It's hard to believe practical, petite ex-schoolteacher Patricia Anne and amiable, ample-bodied, and outrageous Mary Alice are sisters, yet sibling rivalry has survived decades of good-natured disagreement about everything from husbands to hair color. No sooner do the Southern sisters discover a common interest in some local art, when they're arguing the artistic merits of some well-coiffured heads at a gallery opening. A few hours later, one of those pretty ladies ends up dead with not a hair out of place. The other shows up on Patricia Anne's doorstep dazed, disheveled, and telling a wild tale of a narrow escape from some deadly cuts. Now the sisters are once again combing for clues to catch a killer with a bizarre style in art and murder.
source: Goodreads

My opinion:
Murder on a Bad Hair Day is the second book in the Southern Sisters Mystery series by Anne George and perfect sequel to Murder on a Girl's Night Out.

In this novel Mary Alice and her sister Patricia Anne go to an art gallery opening and shorty after they left the owner of the gallery gets murdered and her assistant and Patricia Anne's former student appears at Patricia Anne's door and begs for help before collapsing.

In the middle of the Christmas rush the two sisters need to solve another murder and during their investigation they find themselves in some really funny situations and get into tricky ones too.

Murder on a Bad Hair Day is a funny, thrilling and entertaining read and perfect for the holiday season (as perfect as a mystery can be before Christmas). If you like witty conversations, awesome characters, a wonderful storyline and a fast paced book you should check out Anne George's books. I could not put Murder on a Bad Hair Day down and had to laugh so hard while reading.

The books in the Southern Sisters Mystery series are:
  • Murder on A Girls' Night Out (read my review here)
  • Murder on A Bad Hair Day
  • Murder Runs in the Family
  • Murder Makes Waves
  • Murder Gets A Life
  • Murder Shoots the Bull
  • Murder Carries A Torch
  • Murder Boogies with Elvis
For more information about Anne George visit her Homepage.

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