Thursday, October 18, 2012


This week is my Blogoversary Week! 
I started this blog on October 16th 2011 and to celebrate I asked 6 of my all time favorite book bloggers to write a review of their favorite book that they read 
between October 2011 and September 2012. 

My name is Kat and I'm a zombie-loving, book devouring, shoe-addicted Aussie and I've been living in the Netherlands for more than four years. I speak approximately four words of Dutch - at this rate I'll be able to speak a whole sentence by the end of 2014. I started my blog, The Aussie Zombie, in November 2011 shortly after discovering the awesomeness of book bloggers and deciding that I wanted to join in too! I read and review almost any book, and although zombies are my favourites, I'm also known to dip into contemporary young adult, historical fiction and non-fiction when the zombies need a holiday.

My favourite book that I've read in the past year has without a doubt been Mark Tufo's Zombie Fallout.  As well as being overflowing with zombie, there's also humour, paranormal elements and some awesome characters.  It's the book I always recommend to anyone looking for a good (adult) zombie read, and so far *touch wood* everyone I know that has read it has loved it.  To give you an idea, here are a few quotes that I love:

“I honestly wanted to stop the car and thank Captain Obvious”

“Tipper looked like a cokehead. He twitched more than Tom Arnold when Roseanne was yelling at him”

“He was a good man, maybe a card or two shy of a standard deck but you could always draw in the missing cards on the jokers”

“Zombies were coming through like holiday shoppers on Black Friday at a Best Buy with 50 inch plasma televisions on sale”

“I’d like to say there was a face-off but the zombies take that stuff way too literally”

So if you love zombies, or if you want to try a zombie book, this is definitely my recommendation!

Thank you so much Kat for stopping by at my blog and being part of my Blogoversary Week!
If you ever need a wonderful (Zombie) book recommendation go visit her blog! Kat is so awesome! I would love to meet her some day and I'm so sure that we would hit it off right from the beginning. Twitter conversation with her are always the best. You want an example? We once discussed if having pizza, ice cream and good book as company on a Saturday is acceptable and we totally agreed that it might even be better than going out. Yes, that is a really devoted reader.  

To celebrate my first blogoversary 
I will give away a book of your choice 
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  1. Thanks for having me Karin and happy happy blogoversary! I had another pizza, icecream and book night on Friday, and it was awesome ;-)